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Multi Language (Localization) problems

Jul 19, 2014 at 5:33 PM
Hi - and thanks for a great and much needed module.

I have the latest version (14.7.16) installed on a DNN v 7.2.2 website and need to do 301 redirects from an old website in different languages to a new one I'm working on.

I can't get the 301s to work correctly and I think this could be because the PortalAlias function of DnnURLManagement is not saving my selection.

Here is an example
I add a url from the old site (french localization) and set it to 301 redirect to the new page (also french). Like this:
/oldpagename (redirect 301)
/newpagename (Active 200)

When I check it the page it tries to go to and of course gets a 404 error. When it actually should go to (if I manually add the /fr/ part it works!)

So what I suspect is that I have to specify in the DNNUrlManagement module PortalAlias section - since this is the way DNN Multilanguage Localization works - and the module seem not to save my PortalAlias selection.

Could you check and see if this could be fixed?

Kind regards,
Pontus :)